14th Annual International Fair at CSUSM

On Tuesday April 12th CSUSM Hillel has the pleasure of hosting 10 Israeli students as part of Hillel International’s Israeli Student Tour Program. The day began with bagels at the Hillel house before we went to campus for the 14th Annual International Fair. Once again, Hillel represented Israel for hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and community members. When people visited our table, they were presented with educational material about Israel including maps, innovation, technology, and history. They were also given a “taste of Israel” in the form of falafel, hummus, and pita. The Israeli students and the American students did an amazing job of representing Israel at the fair. In addition, the Israeli and American students enjoyed learning about the other countries and cultures represented at the event. It was an amazing cultural exchange and the students were able to reconnect two days later at the Matisyahu Concert at UCSD.

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