15th Annual International Fair

CSUSM Hillel was proud to represent Israel at the 15th Annual International Fair on April 13, 2017. In addition to our posters about Israel, this year we were able to also educate students about the holiday of Passover because the event took place during the week of Passover. We gave out samples of Kosher for Passover macaroons and matzah and had many meaningful conversations with Jewish and non Jewish students, staff, and faculty. One conversation that was especially meaningful was with an International student from Oman. At first the Jewish students were guarded, but his curiosity and intrigue led to a very powerful conversation about their similarities shared rather than the differences. In the end, the student from Oman decided that when he finishes his studies at CSUSM, he must visit Israel. Since most Jewish students have been to Israel via Birthright, they were able to share their first hand experiences. CSUSM celebrates diversity and inclusion, which is refreshing to see on a college campus, and is expressed through events like the International Fair. Jewish students were proud to share their love of Israel without any fear of anti Semitism or harassment.

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