A Colorful Week in San Marcos

We have had a very colorful week in San Marcos! This semester we have decided to make homemade challah before every Shabbat. For the past 2 years we have experimented with new flavors of challah, and this week we decided to experiment with new colors! It took some dedication, but the challah turned out great! With blue, pink, purple, and green spotted hands we worked to make our challah colorful.
20160204 165843

While we waited for our challah to rise, we enjoyed some color therapy and used markers, crayons, and colored pencils to color Jewish themed coloring pages.
20160204 172338

For Shabbat, we kept with the theme of color and had a beautiful meal. From various salad toppings to a delicious pasta and rainbow sherbet ice cream we had a warm, colorful evening, the first of this semester. We look forward to more challah and more delicious Shabbat meals this spring.
20160205 180811

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