About Us

What is Hillel?

Hillel UCSDHillel of San Diego encourages students of all backgrounds to form deep, personal connections to Jewish life, learning and Israel, through Jewish exploration, leadership, and a sense of belonging. We provide opportunities for students to build lifelong connections – to their Jewish life, to each other, and to Jewish communities worldwide. Our three programs – Hillel at UCSD, Hillel at SDSU, and North County Hillel – each take a unique approach to a common goal of inspiring and enabling young Jews to find their place in the world.

Hillel of San Diego has been operating as an independent religious corporation in California since 1992. Today, a cornerstone of the San Diego Jewish community, Hillel is the only Jewish organization with the capacity to engage the majority of university-age Jews in San Diego.

Hillel of San Diego Mission Statement

To be a vibrant Jewish campus presence and to involve the maximum number of university-age Jews in ways that foster a lasting commitment to Jewish life.

To further this mission, we commit ourselves to the following goals:

  • Serving the needs of individual Jewish students.
  • Creatively engaging and empowering Jewish students through personal interactions and compelling programs.
  • Building a strong sense of belonging and Jewish identity.
  • Nurturing intellectual and spiritual growth in a pluralistic community.
  • Advocating for Jewish student needs on campus and in the community.
  • Linking the campus community to the larger Jewish community, locally and globally.
  • Helping students cultivate a closer connection to Israel.
  • Developing a campus and organizational culture in which the quality of the relationships attracts involvement.