Wendy McCreary, Campus Director at Hillel CSUSM, was thrilled to really ‘be there’ for an international Hillel student as he hurriedly flew home to Mozambique.

CSUSM Hillel student Jordan is from Mozambique and chose a four-year college program at CSUSM partly because he has an aunt in San Diego.

Wendy was especially worried about Jordan knowing he is an international student with very little support nearby. She checked in on him regularly as campus closure and travel information was constantly changing.

He seemed to have plans in order, but then the dorms were set to close. He decided to go home to Mozambique and had about half a week to prepare. When Jordan’s flight was canceled he booked another flight – now he had 3 days to prepare. That flight was canceled and his only option was less than 24 hours away so just a day to prepare!

His biggest stress was what to take and what and where to leave what he was going to leave. I allowed him to store some things at Hillel and assisted him with the move.

Wendy texted Jordan two hours before his flight to say, “Safe travels home.” Jordan, whose family is originally from South Africa, responded: “Thank you! I seriously am so extremely grateful for your generosity. I do not know what I would have done! Thank you!”