CSUSM Celebrates Sukkot

CSUSM Hillel continued our tradition of building a Sukkah on campus at CSUSM. We had a great group of students build our sukkah and join us for two fun events inside.

Sushi in the Sukkah is always one of our most popular events, and one we are happy to bring to campus every year.

This year the students requested a second event in our sukkah so we all enjoyed Pizza in the Hut a few days later.

Continuing our annual tradition, CSUSM Hillel spent the Shabbat of Sukkot at Leichtag Commons. We are very thankful to the Leichtag Foundation for their continued support of CSUSM Hillel and are happy we can continue to bring students to the Commons every year to enjoy the beautiful Sukkot set up.

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