CSUSM Hillel Open House

CSUSM Hillel hosted a wonderful open house and mezuzah hanging on March 23rd. We welcomed students, parents, board members, and community members to see our new house. CSUSM junior, Valerie Gorbushin, hung our mezuzah. This was Valerie’s first time hanging a mezuzah and we are proud that Hillel was there to guide her through the process and give her confidence in performing this important Jewish ritual.

There were many people to thank, all of whom we would not be where we are today without. First and foremost, we want to thank Gary Levitt for making space for us, both at our old location and our new location. Without his support and dedication, none of this would be possible. With additional and generous support of the Leichtag Foundation, nine anonymous donors, Janet and Larry Acheatel, Janice and Mark Baker, Roberta Meyer Cohen & Mark Cohen, Pam and Walter Ferris, Suzi Finkelstein, Laura Galinson & Jodi Diamond, Heidi Gantwerk and Andrew Mayer, Glenn Goodstein, Hazon, Audrey & Steve Levine, Michael and Kevan Lyon, and Ellin Rosenthal we have a beautiful new space to call our home. We would also like to thank Cleanology for donating their cleaning services.

We also want to give a special thank you to Carolyn Berlin and Jamie Rodin for carrying the torch as North County Hillel’s volunteer leaders for many years. Our program would not be what it is today without their investment of time, talent, and treasure.

We are extremely grateful for everyone who joined us last night to celebrate Purim in our new house.

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