March 2020

Introducing Hillel @ Home


In the face of an unprecedented challenge, something extraordinary has happened. Over the past two weeks, the entire Hillel movement changed its service delivery model from in-person student engagement to a fully virtual Hillel experience. Hillel of San Diego made this pivot, too. Why? Because our students at CSUSM, SDSU, UC San Diego and USD are [...]

Introducing Hillel @ Home2020-03-25T14:37:44-07:00

UCSD’s First Jewish a Cappella Group


UC San Diego Hillel students formed a brand new Jewish a cappella group. Over the past month, they met to build up a repertoire and begin rehearsing. The group plans to work on modern music, particularly by Jewish composers, as well as some Hebrew songs. Their goal is to integrate into the a cappella scene [...]

UCSD’s First Jewish a Cappella Group2020-03-25T14:28:32-07:00

February 2020

How to Plan an Amazing Program from A-Z


UC San Diego Hillel's Triton Jewish Leaders gathered for a workshop to learn techniques and best practices for planning an awesome program. Lesson 1: learn how to "yes, and" - which happens to be the first rule for both improv and brainstorming! We practiced "yes, and" by coming up with ideas for a hypothetical event. [...]

How to Plan an Amazing Program from A-Z2020-03-25T14:32:13-07:00

Parlor Meeting: Israel & the Climate on Campus (3/11/2020)


Hillel of San Diego's supporters and new friends interested in learning more about Hillel's work are invited to an evening of desserts and dialogue at the home of Emily & Chris Jennewein. Learn how Hillel of San Diego is investing in student leaders of all religions to change the conversation and improve the climate on [...]

Parlor Meeting: Israel & the Climate on Campus (3/11/2020)2020-02-21T08:23:46-08:00

Getting Hands-On with Tu B’Shevat


University of San Diego students planted a palm tree on campus to commemorate Tu B'Shevat - the Jewish new year for the trees - outside the University Ministry building. For most students, this was their first time planting anything, let alone a tree. As part of the holiday tradition, students sampled various fruits and nuts [...]

Getting Hands-On with Tu B’Shevat2020-03-25T14:30:04-07:00

Students Dive into Jewish Learning


Students at each of our four campuses have the opportunity to take part in the Jewish Learning Fellowship program, which is a 10-week conversational seminar for students to dive into Judaism and understand the religion in their own way.

Students Dive into Jewish Learning2020-02-21T10:45:44-08:00

Semitic Soiree – A Celebration of the Semitic Language Family


Last month, UC San Diego’s Tritons For Israel held their annual cultural celebration, Semitic Soirée - a linguistic exhibition of the Semitic language family that celebrates the cultures, alphabets, and similarities between these groups.

Semitic Soiree – A Celebration of the Semitic Language Family2020-02-21T10:45:53-08:00