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Hosting a Do It Yourself (DIY) Shabbat is an amazing opportunity to promote your JCL. You have the chance to use the framework of Shabbat to make it your own and bring a taste of your JCL initiative to the broader Jewish community on campus.

Email to specify a date you’d like to host, noting that the earlier you get in touch the easier it will be to secure that date. Shoshana will work with you to envision the best expression of Shabbat your organization or initiative’s framework can offer. The time commitment is minimal, and involves meeting with Shoshana informally once beforehand.

  1. Attend JCL Convenings to learn what other JCLs are doing and get your ideas out there.

  2. Attend JCL programs and initiatives on campus! There is no better way to connect than to show your support in person.

Through JCL, you have the opportunity to be paired with a successful professional in your intended career field to gain insights into navigating your post-college trajectory. We tap into our extensive network of supporters and alumni to find the best person to pair you with based on shared interests and career paths. Once we find a match, we will connect you with your Professional Mentor via email to get the ball rolling, and you two take it from there. We suggest you meet once every 1-3 months. Questions? Email Edden.

JCLs can apply for funding for ongoing initiatives, or one-off programs and events through the “Apply for Funding” tab on the left. The earlier you apply for funding, the better your chances are of receiving it. You will need a detailed budget laying out your proposed expenses. Note that in order to get reimbursed for your expenses you must keep all receipts and have an attendance sheet at your program or event including names, email addresses, and grad years of anyone who participated in your initiative. Questions? Ask your Coach.

Mazel tov! You submitted a funding request that has been approved. Work with your Coach to submit a Reimbursement Request Form which can be filled out as a hard copy or electronically. You mustinclude copies of all of your receipts and a list of students who participated in the program (with names, email addresses and grad years). Hillel will issue you a check ASAP.  Questions? Email Edden.

Submit the information for your initiative under the “Promote your Event” tab on the left. The earlier you submit your request, the more coverage we can provide. We will add information about your work to the calendar on the Hillel Website and our weekly newsletter which goes out to more than 500 students. We will also post info to the Hillel at SDSU Facebook Page, and can help you make and manage a Facebook event. Questions? Ask your Coach.

We want to fund your leadership development! Have a conference or long-term experience that will help you get from point A to Z? Tell us about it. Go to the “Scholarships” tab on the left and fill out a request. Note that you must include a detailed cost breakdown of your anticipated travel and registration costs. Questions? Ask your Coach.