Student-Run Garden at SDSU

“Come Dig Deep: Plant Your Seed at Hillel” was a HUGE success! We had such a wonderful time last week planting our first student-run garden at the Melvin Garb Hillel Center. The students and staff helped fill three planter boxes and two pots with a variety of vegetation. We planted three kinds of herbs – basil, parsley (we will be able to use it come Passover!), and cilantro. Two kinds of flowers, including snapdragons, helped fill the second planter box. The third box was filled with only seeds – radishes and cosmos, which should be blooming in about a month! Our tomatoes are doing well, each in their own “bag” created especially to grow tomatoes in. MGHC could not be more thrilled that this was a completely student-run operation, all fueled by an awesome student, Jacob Lee!

Interested in checking it out or helping us water? Stop by The Melvin Garb Hillel Center anytime between 9 AM – 5 PM on the weekdays – we are open!

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