February 2020

How to Plan an Amazing Program from A-Z


UC San Diego Hillel's Triton Jewish Leaders gathered for a workshop to learn techniques and best practices for planning an awesome program. Lesson 1: learn how to "yes, and" - which happens to be the first rule for both improv and brainstorming! We practiced "yes, and" by coming up with ideas for a hypothetical event. [...]

How to Plan an Amazing Program from A-Z2020-03-25T14:32:13-07:00

Students Dive into Jewish Learning


Students at each of our four campuses have the opportunity to take part in the Jewish Learning Fellowship program, which is a 10-week conversational seminar for students to dive into Judaism and understand the religion in their own way.

Students Dive into Jewish Learning2020-02-21T10:45:44-08:00

UCSD Students Create “Torah Queeries” Learning Group


As a new member of the LGBT Resource Center's Affiliates Program, UC San Diego Hillel students meet once a week in the LGBT Resource Center for a program called “Torah Queeries.”

UCSD Students Create “Torah Queeries” Learning Group2020-02-21T14:24:45-08:00

January 2020