April 2020

CSUSM Hillel Presented Holocaust Survivor & Author Goldie Jacoby


On Yom HaShoah, Hillel CSUSM presented to a waiting-room-only crowd Goldie Jacoby, one of the youngest Holocaust survivors, to tell her story of hiding from the Nazis in a barn for more than two years. Jacoby was born in Poland in 1937. She was just five when she and her family went into hiding from the Nazis in a [...]

CSUSM Hillel Presented Holocaust Survivor & Author Goldie Jacoby2020-04-29T16:09:51-07:00

March 2020

Coronavirus Stories: Hillel Edition | Jordan from Mozambique & South Africa


Wendy McCreary, Campus Director at Hillel CSUSM, was thrilled to really 'be there' for an international Hillel student as he hurriedly flew home to Mozambique. CSUSM Hillel student Jordan is from Mozambique and chose a four-year college program at CSUSM partly because he has an aunt in San Diego. Wendy was especially worried about Jordan [...]

Coronavirus Stories: Hillel Edition | Jordan from Mozambique & South Africa2020-04-26T11:44:40-07:00

Israel on Campus Parlor Meeting


At a final gathering before the quarantine began, Elad Kanfi and Shir Azaria, Hillel of San Diego's Jewish Agency Israel Fellows, told a packed house how Hillel invests in student leaders of all religions who can change the conversation and improve the climate on campus for Jewish students. Hillel of San Diego board members, donors, [...]

Israel on Campus Parlor Meeting2020-04-26T12:36:36-07:00

Student-Led Painting Night


SDSU Hillel's painting night was a great example of how Hillel is run by students! Fresh out of an art class, Otis, SDSU class of 2021, spoke up at the beginning of the semester about how much he loves painting! The Hillel staff asked him if he would be interested in hosting a painting night [...]

Student-Led Painting Night2020-04-24T19:23:42-07:00

UCSD’s First Jewish a Cappella Group


UC San Diego Hillel students formed a brand new Jewish a cappella group. Over the past month, they met to build up a repertoire and begin rehearsing. The group plans to work on modern music, particularly by Jewish composers, as well as some Hebrew songs. Their goal is to integrate into the a cappella scene [...]

UCSD’s First Jewish a Cappella Group2020-03-25T14:28:32-07:00

February 2020

Midterms Survival Kit Party


Midterms have taken over SDSU students’ lives and Hillel is here to help! We hosted a midterms survival kit party with a few adorable puppies for the students to play with because we all know that dogs are the best form of stress relief! Each student left with a goodie bag filled with a spa [...]

Midterms Survival Kit Party2020-04-24T19:09:10-07:00

Bowling For Birthright


We have had such an incredible Birthright recruitment season this year with a full bus of students from SDSU and Cal State San Marcos enrolled for the trip in May! To connect this year's participants with alumni and other interested students, SDSU Hillel hosted an awesome event at Aztec Lanes with free bowling, dinner and [...]

Bowling For Birthright2020-04-24T19:08:28-07:00

Getting Hands-On with Tu B’Shevat


University of San Diego students planted a palm tree on campus to commemorate Tu B'Shevat - the Jewish new year for the trees - outside the University Ministry building. For most students, this was their first time planting anything, let alone a tree. As part of the holiday tradition, students sampled various fruits and nuts [...]

Getting Hands-On with Tu B’Shevat2020-03-25T14:30:04-07:00

No-Recipe Cookies with FYSH


FYSH (First Year Students of Hillel)  celebrated Valentine’s Day by making cookies with no recipe. Yes, you heard us, NO RECIPE :) This event was especially entertaining because the FYSH needed to decide within their groups which ingredients, and how much of the ingredients, were needed to make the cookies. It was a friendly competition [...]

No-Recipe Cookies with FYSH2020-04-26T11:15:43-07:00