Parent Connection

Through USD Hillel, your child will be benefit from a range of opportunities geared towards helping them continue their Jewish journey into adulthood. Our talented professional team cherishes the chance to work with each student and seeks to offer a host of meaningful entry points into Jewish campus life. USD Hillel is here to provide your student with a solid and thriving Jewish community away from home.

Thanks to Hillel, your child has access to Jewish educators trained in engaging young adults, supporting them during one of the most exciting times in their life, and helping them to connect the learning that happens in the classroom with their heritage, community and tradition.

I am so grateful that Hillel has been there to support me since day one, and help guide me to understand what Judaism is all about.
I’m excited to become more involved in Hillel  and see all the great things we can accomplish as a community.
I am so proud to be a member of the Jewish community at USD! I have loved being involved with Hillel and Israel activism on campus.
Hillel has helped me integrate myself into the Jewish community in San Diego, make friends and reconnect with my Jewish roots.
Hillel has supported my family and me through the highs and the lows, and without their support my life wouldn’t be what it is today.
Having such a warm and caring Jewish community on campus has allowed me to maintain my connection with Jewish culture and traditions as if I was still at home.
Hillel has helped me reconnect to Judaism and opened so many doors for me at USD. I’m very excited to see what my future in Hillel holds.
Hillel was the start of my college career and has helped me find my way through college by introducing me to my Jewish family away from home.
I like being able to celebrate Shabbat with my friends through Hillel when I can’t celebrate it with my family.
We Rely on the Support of Parents Like You

Please help us inspire every Jewish student make an enduring commitment
to Jewish life, learning and Israel at whatever level you are able.


  • Help us build community with a year of one student’s coffee dates and bagel brunches.


  • Cover one year filled with Shabbat and holiday meals for your child.


  • Ensure every student is welcomed into community at a quarterly Schmooze.


  • Sponsor a community-wide Shabbat dinner for Jewish students.


  • Underwrite your student’s year-long journey through Jewish life on campus.